August 28, 2017

Where the past is

Lion (Garth Davis, 2016). The first half of this exceptionally well-crafted and highly moving drama is a patient exercise in Indian neo-realism set among lost and runaway children, in railway stations and back streets  and it is a remarkably brave decision to tell Saroo Brierleys story in this linear way rather than to start in the present with well-known actors (Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, David Wenham) and rely on flashbacks or recovered stories. What it all adds up to  helped by another powerful performance by Kidman as the fragile Sue Brierley, especially during her vision monologue  is a study in loss, emotional damage and what it means to construct a family. There is also the unnerving strangeness of finding that the past is still just where you left it, 25 years ago. How many viewers imagine variations of the same thing, wondering if the past is a place that can somehow be found?