January 24, 2017

At the lake

Queen of Earth (Alex Ross Perry, 2015). There is a 1970s feeling to Alex Ross Perrys psychological drama  not quite a horror, but nearly – Queen of Earth, both in its setting (a lakeside cabin with timbered interior) and its theme (a Bergman-ish descent into madness). The eerie score by Keegan DeWitt has echoes of Rosemarys Baby and there is a similar sense of persecution and humiliation in the story of Catherine, a young woman who has lost her famous artist father, played with remarkable commitment and intensity by Elisabeth Moss. As in Perrys previous film, the vicious literary black comedy Listen Up Philip, these are well-connected, creative, upper middle-class New Yorkers whose relationships have turned competitive and bitter  it can almost feel like the dark flip side of a privileged, whimsical Wes Anderson world.