July 3, 2016

Reality distortion fields

Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle, 2015). A portrait of the artist as a sociopathic monster. Or: backstage at the Apple product launches and inside the visionary’s withered conscience. What if your mastery of the universe meant that you knew exactly what to say when you wanted to say it? The screenplays of Aaron Sorkin present an ideal world where we are all wittier and more devastating and even the worst of us have something clever to add. The best aspects of Boyle, Sorkin and actor Michael Fassbender – who has almost never been better, and that actually is saying something – come together in this collaboration, which is not a just a departure from tired biopic conventions, but even appears like a filmed version of a successful and long-running play that never had to bother with being a play. As for the man himself, in the third act, in his black polo-neck and glasses, he has the austere look of a German theologian, a man who is almost all idea.