March 20, 2016

Story ark

Northfork (Michael Polish, 2003). This doesn’t work, but it should. Angels of some sort descend on mostly empty plains in wintry Montana, into a sick boy’s imagination, while men dressed like FBI agents tell the few locals left that a flood is coming – not Biblical, although that is evoked a few times, but a power company’s dam-building. The slow, hushed style is an attempt at Lynchian Americana, but without surprise or depth or the genuine threat of something uncanny that comes as naturally as breathing to Lynch. The non-committal acting – James Woods, Nick Nolte, Daryl Hannah – doesn’t help. Just to exaggerate the Lynch B team feeling of it all, Kyle MacLachlan even has a cameo. The wide, empty, raw spaces do look kind of beautiful, though. Desolate, gloomy pioneer sublime, in shades of grey.