December 15, 2014

Lou has the pictures

Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy, 2014). The best thing about Nightcrawler is an obsessive Jake Gyllenhaal performance as Lou Bloom, a skeletal, bug-eyed sociopath navigating a shadowy Los Angeles by GPS and police scanner, a performance only suggested by Gyllenhaal’s work in Zodiac and (more promisingly) Prisoners. The less serious summary: he’s pasty, a loner, morbidly attracted to gore and almost entirely nocturnal ­ it’s no wonder the film critics all relate. Media studies classes will have a field day too. There is an argument in here about the dangers of competitive media outsourcing its worst work to entirely amoral freelancers, but the media critique is more satirical than finger-wagging, bordering on Network. It also works as a lurid, night-time thriller.