January 10, 2014

Top tens

I’ve been reading Alexander Cockburn’s new (posthumous) A Colossal Wreck. Like The Golden Age Is In Us, it collects reports, opinions, thoughts, letters, replies and extracts from this great, unpredictable (and very much missed) political journalist, covering the mid-90s to 2012. In July 2002, Cockburn wrote up his top ten films list in response to the then-latest Sight and Sound poll. His ten went:
The Girl Can’t Help It (1956). Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Sweet Smell of Success (1957), which is the “best thing ever done on the press”. Some Like It Hot (1959). La Dolce Vita (1960). Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Pierrot Le Fou (1965). Fantastic Voyage (1966). Life of Brian (1979). Eating Raoul (1982).
He added that if he could go up to 11, he would throw in Smiles of a Summer Night, “another from that amazing cultural year of 1955”.