September 6, 2013

Colour of ghosts

The Place Beyond the Pines (Derek Cianfrance, 2012). Introducing the soulful thug. Every improbable moment grows out of the gap between who he is (who he thinks he is) and what he does.

Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach, 2012). New wave worn on sleeve, sure, but Gerwig isn’t the Karina to Baumbach’s Godard – clumsy analogy aside – because, in the end, it feels like her film, not his. One other thing: the entire Sacramento sequence (her parents as her parents) is masterful and concise in ways that the rest of the film isn’t, quite.

Stoker (Park Chan-wook, 2013). Do the sickly green walls give you Vertigo flashbacks? For Hitchcock, green was the colour of ghosts, based on old theatre conventions.