July 4, 2012

Before it disappeared underwater

A huge area of land which was swallowed up into the North Sea thousands of years ago has been recreated and put on display by scientists.
Doggerland was an area between Northern Scotland, Denmark and the Channel Islands.
It was believed to have been home to tens of thousands of people before it disappeared underwater.
"We have speculated for years on the lost land's existence from bones dredged by fishermen all over the North Sea, but it's only since working with oil companies in the last few years that we have been able to re-create what this lost land looked like."
-- From a BBC online report, "Hidden Doggerland Underworld Uncovered in North Sea", July 3, 2012.

All mobile phone pictures were taken in Christchurch on July 3 and 4, 2012. Photos of photos are taken from the Christchurch Art Gallery's outdoor exhibition Reconstructions: Conversations on a City ("can this city be rebuilt as a place of genuine quality and interest if it undervalues the significance of its rich architectural heritage past?").