April 20, 2012

"What have you done?"

My Werewolf piece on Jim Marbrook's documentary Mental Notes -- plus Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method and Spider -- is here. Damien Wilkins' song "Lake Alice" is here. The Aiotanga report can be found here. The Vanity Fair piece about the so-called cursed, unmade White Hotel film is here. A trailer for Costa Botes' documentary, Daytime Tiger, about the bipolar experiences of writer Michael Morrissey is here: the terrifying grandiosity is more vivid and believable than anything in the 90-plus minutes of The Insatiable Moon, where the mentally unwell are seen as holy fools, gifted prophets, enviably free. In discussions of Mental Notes, Kathy Dudding's film Asylum Pieces is nearly always mentioned: I'd like to see it (a trailer-like excerpt is here). The picture above is the women's room at Sunnyside Asylum, Christchurch, c1883 (photo from Christchurch City Libraries). The title of this blog is a key line of dialogue in Spider.