February 6, 2012

Early Gothdom

Nothing much to say about this, other than: what a brilliant poster. The use of colons, the polite "et cetera". Who drew it? Who put "the Torture Chamber" night on? Was it a one-off or a series? I found the poster here, within a page on a band called Sons in Jeopardy -- I remember the name but I'm sure I never heard them -- who looked the part around Auckland, c1983-85. I was a few years too young to be going to nights like this but I remember the thrilling band names swapped after our immersion in the weeks-late NMEs posted from the UK -- Sex Gang Children, Southern Death Cult, et cetera -- and the odd Goth sighting in the suburbs (it was a more glam, feminised thing then than it became in the 90s). I wonder who won the prize for "the biggest deviant". And what the prize was. Did everyone "dress-horrid"? How many times did they play Bela Lugosi's Dead? Quays was on Quay Street, unsurprisingly; October 20 was a Thursday in 1983, so it was actually pretty early for all this.