January 25, 2012

Theo Angelopoulos, 1936-2012

David Thomson on Theo Angelopoulos in The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (2010 edition): "By now, it has become clear that his style is deeply personal and poetic -- and, of course, it has to be experienced, for the work is not just plastic but temporal. When Angelopoulos moves, he is sailing in time as well as space, and the shifts, the progress, the traveling make a metaphor for history and understanding." Angelopoulous was killed yesterday in a road accident while shooting The Other Sea, which partly deals with the Greek economic crisis. The last lines of Thomson's 2010 assessment: "It is the case that many people who take the medium seriously have scarcely heard of, let alone encountered, the work of a master. And there are so few masters left now."