November 2, 2010

Gaylene Preston

"But I’ll tell you what—Home by Christmas was conceived as the middle story in a trilogy and the other two are—I could call them 81. One is a passivist stand that happened in 1881 during the Land wars, and the other is the stand that was made in 1981 during the Springbok Tour. I would like to work using oral histories, archival footage and dramatising for those two. So I’m just taking the long way round to make my War and Peace – Gaylene’s War and Peace. Don’t hold your breath, it will take a while."
-- Gaylene Preston, interviewed by Mary Wiles at Senses of Cinema.

It's a long, thorough interview. I'm sure someone told me once that Preston knew Syd Barrett when she lived in England. While that's not addressed here we do have her in Cambridge in the 1970s, working in a psychiatric hospital while also "forging a fusion of acid rock and Brecht" with an experimental theatre group in her spare time. So, no, it doesn't seem so implausible that their paths might have crossed.