September 3, 2010

Recommending #1

1. Bill Gosden on Kathy Dudding: "The tragic vision of Asylum Pieces seems bound to endure long past the season of mourning and celebration that began so suddenly for all of us here at the Festival in May. The insistent sadness of this film would have been just as hard to bear if Kathy had lived to make another dozen."
2. Daniel Crooks' Pan No 2 (one step forwards, one frame backwards) (2008) is now in the collection of the Christchurch Art Gallery. That is a still above. Time is sliced, slowed, distorted, refreshed. Among other things, destroyed.

3. The gospel according to Matt Hunt. What if William Blake met Colin McCahon in a Petone thrift shop? The Christian visionary is always the most uncomfortable figure to accomodate: "You should try to be in my head." Before Sunday (Ready to Roll, City Gallery, Wellington), he was unknown to me. Now I know he means it, but what do his dealer-gallery buyers make of it?

4. Discographies on Twitter. An entire band's oeuvre (studio albums only) in 140 characters or less. Example:
Pink Floyd: 1 "I'm here"; 2 "I'm not here"; 3-7 whoosh!; 8 ch-ching!; 9 "He's not here..."; 10-12 "...and it sucks"; 13-14 "We're not here."

5. The sheer fecundity of Found Objects. Hauntology? As the apocryphal judge said of pornography, I'm not sure how to define it but I know it when I see it. This is a fine introduction.

6. The end of Point Omega, Don DeLillo. "Sometimes a wind comes before the rain and sends birds sailing past the window, spirit birds that ride the night, stranger than dreams."