May 6, 2010

My dreams are very reasonable

TRUFFAUT: It's one of your most poetic pictures. It's even more poetic than dramatic.
HITCHCOCK: I had a terrible actress in it. But she's beautiful. Lots of interesting technical work in that picture. When I wanted the girl to look mysterious in the churchyard, we shot it through fog filters. There was sunshine but it was made ... not diffused, but a mistiness put across.
TRUFFAUT: This is one of the pictures that gives the feeling of a dream. Except if you find the question an idiotic one, do you dream a great deal?
HITCHCOCK: Yes, but my dreams are very reasonable. I was once standing on Sunset Boulevard in a dream, where the trees are, and I was waiting for a yellow taxi to take me to lunch. But no yellow taxi came, because all the cars going by were 1916 vintage. I said to myself, it's no good standing here waiting for a yellow cab because this is a 1916 dream. So I walked to lunch instead.

Some 12 and a half hours of the legendary Truffaut/Hitchcock tapes are in MP3 form here. The above is from the Vertigo episode, just before Hitchcock launches into a speech about the mechanics of the plot and -- well, yes -- necrophilia.