March 2, 2010

Reality problems

1. Richard Brody at The New Yorker's film blog, The Front Row, has run a great series of posts in support of Scorsese's Shutter Island -- and an important part of supporting the Scorsese film is sorting out the critics who've got it wrong. This is good:
David Edelstein, in New York, dismisses it as “a doodle” and then he drops an r-bomb, claiming that, on the evidence of the film, Scorsese is “farther from reality than his hero is.”
A critic invoking reality is like a politician invoking God—if insincere, it’s demagogy; if sincere, it’s dogmatism.
2. Alice in Wonderland: there is a good chance that this and this are actually better than this. But probably still not as good as this.