December 15, 2009

Sad song

From the comments section of – don’t ask how I ended up there – Moby’s blog in July 09, comes this small, sad story. The context is that Moby has just told his readers that he’s playing a festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, with Patti Smith and Kraftwerk. In the comments, someone called "Mystery World" writes:
Did you get to hang out with Patti Smith?
Some of her music is really special to me. A friend of mine made a film called In My Father's Den and it featured songs off Patti Smith's album Horses. It was his first feature film and it got into film festivals around the world then he died of cancer.
"Free Money" played at his funeral, right at the end, when they were carrying out the coffin and all of the people were slowly leaving the cathedral.
So if you see Patti Smith, tell her that Brad McGann had "Free Money" playing at his funeral. He really loved that album Horses. I did too. When I first met Brad back in 1985 I had him over to my house and I put on Horses and we played it over and over and over.
I'd love to know if Patti Smith watched his film and what she thought of it.
It's an amazing film. If you haven't ever seen it Moby, I thoroughly recommend that you watch it.

No idea who "Mystery World" is, or if she -- why do I guess "she"? Maybe I'm thinking of Jodie Rimmer's character in the movie and the way she listens to Horses -- is a New Zealander. Although that's likely. Anyway, it doesn't look like Moby answered.
My review of the superb In My Father's Den -- a film that starts with a funeral and contains that innovative use of Patti Smith -- is here.